Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lets Get This Blog on the Road

Now, I've never written a blog in my life and I've only just gotten Twitter (that's for any of you who are interested). But luckily I have two avid bloggers and tweeters who live in my house and I can assure you, they're on standby should this whole thing collapse under itself. The pair of them have been looking over my shoulders as I write these past few days (they don't trust me), not only telling me how to do things but what things to do as well. Telling me not to be too harsh on you so you owe them a lot. Come on let me hear you say thank you... Good.

This post will be the first proper post on the subject of illustrations and more to the point, some work that I did a while back for a community group called Clare Christmas Lights. They organise fundraisers to raise money for the yearly Christmas Switch on (also organised by them). Well one of these fundraisers was a Barn Dance in the town hall and they asked me to illustrate the posters and tickets for them. Here they are;


So anyhow, you may not be that interested but I will babble on about how I made it so listen up.

It's drawn on cartridge paper but watercolour paper I heard will work well too. I also used water proof ink which is black and red ink which didn't need to be.  I first drew the design on some plain paper and then placed it onto a light box. You could use a clean window if you don't have one.

I then used a dip pen and drew the design and some of the text in the black ink.The variation of pressure I put on the dip pen gave me the different line thicknesses.

Once the ink had dried I painted on the colour not worrying about being neat as the whole point of this style is to be relaxed and free.

And that's what gives me these two appealing and colourful designs.

Thank Y'all

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