Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Isle of Harris

So, you've just read another of The Mysterious Mr Pepper Corn's instalments and are probably wondering to yourself how you can become just as awesome. Well the answer to that is to copy everything he does - I can assure you that all the stunts performed by him have been tested by professionals beforehand and they managed it so I'm pretty sure you can too. Of course, I have my own format of awesomeness so I don't need to copy him and if you feel the same way about yourself then forget about following in the footsteps of The Mysterious Mr Pepper Corn, he should be following in yours. 

Anyway, I'm getting side tracked, what I should be telling you is that The Mysterious Mr Pepper Corn isn't the only one who travels around. It was only a week ago that I got back from a ten day trip to the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. I left on the 25th of July and travelled over three days. 

Our first stop took us to the North Pennines (beautiful) where we stayed at a youth hostel which we had previously given the name Lindsey Land Resort (not so beautiful). It was a very interesting building (old school building) with a bowing roof just over the living space and random unmounted-mounted rams heads which had a funny habit of finding their way into people's beds "ahem". There we did a range of activities for which my favourite was gorge walking. All you did was chuck yourself off of rocks into the river so that proves that my awesomeness does exist, my theory that stunts can be carried out by anybody and that the simplest things can be fun.

Now after that it was another day's travel up to Glen Coe in Scotland. It was disappointing that we didn't hear as much of the accent as we liked and from what I saw, it appears that Scotland is inhabited by more Irish and Australian folk then it is by actual Scottish people but hey ho, everyone there was friendly. It was the third day into our travels when we did the high ropes activity, now I'm not one for heights but I decided that I would suck it up and have ago. It turned out that only me and mate in my group actually did it (and the only peeps in our whole explorer group to do it three times). Then it was on the road again (as well as the sea) until we got to the Isle of Harris.

Leverburgh (this here town) was lovely, with the exception to the kamikaze lamb which attempted to knock my friend off his bike when going down a steep hill - well only in the Outer Hebrides folks. I was ready for the sheep, I was prepared for the odd cow but not for the lone horse which popped up randomly outside the youth hostel, or for the dog which continuously infiltrated our walls just so it could get attention. We spent five days there with two lazy days at the beach and around Leverburgh which was a nice rest from the activities that we did, sea kayaking and sailing included. We then returned to Glen Coe and Lindsey Land Resort before getting home at 10 o'clock in the evening.

All in all a very exciting trip thanks to Gemma and Steve. I should be writing another post soon.

Bye Y'all

P.S that blogger who I've got breathing down my neck as I write these posts tells me that I shouldn't encourage people to do outrageous things so of course think before you do things, don't copy anything that could cause harm to yourself or someone else, don't blah, blah, blah...the list is endless, just be careful, at least until your old enough for me not to care.

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