Thursday, 24 July 2014


Right so after a day of utter website turmoil due to my technical incompetence. I was able to find my blog RRS, a little link that allows people to see blog post in their feed. You guys don't need to worry about this; I wish I didn't - I had to go on this wild goose chase to find out about it. Honestly, there is no simple guide to RRS Feeds that can be understood by a fifteen year old. Luckily the internet does provide online forums which helped me to sort it, turned out that Blogger actually had a RRS Template that I could use...yeah it was that simple.

Moreover, I've got "BlogLovin" and my blog is registered on it too!!! BlogLovin is a site where you can follow blogs and have post appear on your feed whenever they're posted. It's a great way of being up to date as well as finding other blogs you could be interested in and you don't need a blog to have it. Simply sign up with an email and follow away until your heart's content.

So head on over to Bloglovin and get started. You can find me at or click on the BlogLovin widget on the right of this post. You'll never miss a post again!!!

Anyway happy holidays

(P.S. ignore the link below, just something I was told to paste into a post)

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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