Wednesday, 3 April 2013

So What is the Point of this Blog?

Greetings, oh no that makes me sound like an alien, I'm not if you're wondering, I will just never know how to start a post on this blog. Maybe I should start them with - oh never mind anyway since I've mentioned the word post I might as well seize this chance to dive into this post without having to introduce myself too much (it says it all in the "About Will" box).

You may be wondering what this blog is actually about, the name doesn't give much away does it?... Oh but the subtitle, now that does so I will give you a moment to read it... done, good so I'll continue. It's about me, in the most simplest terms, It will get my work such as art, drawings maybe a bit of exciting news should it come my way, out there into that amazing world that some people call the Internet. It won't give away too much about me like what I had for breakfast, what lessons I've had today, and anything like that because frankly no one wants to know that "ahem".  I will probably tell you what interesting books that have found their way into my favourites as well as some films and programmes that have too. It is going to take some time for me to get used to this so please be patient and forgive me if I make a mess of it. I will try to write a post as often as I can so try not to gnaw your legs of in anticipation for my next post. (You now might be glancing over at the amount of followers I have and thinking "this guy isn't as popular as his post implies) well I try to be optimistic. It gives me huge satisfaction to think that someone out there is gnawing their legs off over me.

Anyway if that doesn't please you than here is a little picture that should make your day:

Have a nice one.

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