Thursday, 24 July 2014


Right so after a day of utter website turmoil due to my technical incompetence. I was able to find my blog RRS, a little link that allows people to see blog post in their feed. You guys don't need to worry about this; I wish I didn't - I had to go on this wild goose chase to find out about it. Honestly, there is no simple guide to RRS Feeds that can be understood by a fifteen year old. Luckily the internet does provide online forums which helped me to sort it, turned out that Blogger actually had a RRS Template that I could use...yeah it was that simple.

Moreover, I've got "BlogLovin" and my blog is registered on it too!!! BlogLovin is a site where you can follow blogs and have post appear on your feed whenever they're posted. It's a great way of being up to date as well as finding other blogs you could be interested in and you don't need a blog to have it. Simply sign up with an email and follow away until your heart's content.

So head on over to Bloglovin and get started. You can find me at or click on the BlogLovin widget on the right of this post. You'll never miss a post again!!!

Anyway happy holidays

(P.S. ignore the link below, just something I was told to paste into a post)

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Long Time No See

Well hello to you, long time no see, are you keeping well?... good...oh I'm fine, thanks for asking. Being honest I have let this blog go to pot really, I've just been soooo busy - life of a teenager I'm afraid. But at last the summer holidays has turned its head and I've been given this window of opportunity to tell you what I've been up to....exciting I know! So let's give you a long but brief (if that is at all possible) preview of the year between now and the last time I spoke to you - with pictures;

A short phase of hand cut stencil portraits for which I did a few friends and celebs,

Fifteenth birthday prezzies,

Drawing with Procreate on the IPad I received at Christmas,

My art printmaking final piece (more on that later), 

My Alice in Wonderland printmaking experience,

Half term Cornwall holiday with Marilyn,

My frenzie of macabre proverbial drawings (gothic humour really),

In recent weeks (or should I say months for procrastination tends to have the upper hand with me) I have been building up a small series of prints to sell, this is "happy hen" which is a relief print,

GCSE coursework that I have been working on throughout the year. This is one of three similar illustrations relating to my topic of Psyche,

Art end of year exam preparation which went well thanks for asking...,

More printmaking,

And of course...


So there you have it, a little review of my life over the last year, a little less socially interactive as would like but it's my life none the less. If you would like more details and frequent updates of my work and the such then please find me on Facebook at or follow me on  Instagram at (ironic I know). I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have and love seeing other peoples artwork.

Anyway I hope you found this insight at least remotely interesting I've certainly enjoyed myself, trawling through my photos for you guys, I'll see you when I next see you.

Bye y'all
Will :)